Founded by Jordan Cole in 2013. Craft Store offer an integrated service of strategy, brand design, UX/UI Design, and design of communication across print and digital. With Jordan’s leadership, Craft Store have worked with startups, and helped government departments communicate.

We believe in relationships, listening to your needs and, most importantly, we believe in the value that design thinking can create for your business.


• Communication over decoration.
• If the user needs to think too hard, then we haven’t done our job.
• Always striving for simplicity.
• Help build design-led business.
• Share everything you know.
• A community is better than an individual.
• Aim for partnerships, not jobs or one hit wonders.
• Relationships are everything.
• Think bold, don’t hold back. Plenty of other people will do that for you.
• Open your mouth when instincts tell you not to. Ask tough questions.
• Have respect.
• Listen, profusely.
• Take risks.
• Embrace the unknown.
• Fail. But, learn from it.
• Comfort comes after the uncomfortable.
• Always have heart.
• Egos are for idiots. If we can’t get there together, we won’t get there.
• Finished or perfect.
• Is there another way.
• Always ask, why.
• Every change is an opportunity.
• 104%, because 100% isn’t enough and 110% is exhausting.
• Don’t do work that creates harm.
• Have integrity and be accountable.

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